There’s nothing more frustrating than waiting! Especially if you’re working, pushing, praying and believing while you wait. I posted a few weeks ago on my Social media, asking the question¬† “how do you celebrate others when they get what you want?” I was blown away by the messages that flooded my inbox. From waiting on promotions to waiting to be the bride to waiting to finally be financially secure… I heard it all!

So many people can relate to believing so hard, and then watching someone get what you’re desperate for. Not sure what’s worse; the fact that you didn’t get it or that they didn’t wait or work nearly as hard or as long as you… If even at all! Trying to muster up genuine joy to celebrate yet another friend’s blissful nuptials while you’ve been waiting on love for the past decade is no small feet. What about being overlooked for a position when you have put in years, have been loyal, consistently exceeded goals and expectations?

I can remember a time in my life where I was committed to growing with a company. I loved working there and felt connected to the vision and values, i felt the company represented. I did what was expected and more. Anything that I could do I did, believing that I was being positioned for promotion. When the opportunity became available I applied! Much to my surprise another candidate was chosen. I had a superior track record, more time invested, the experience needed and the required skill set.

So to add insult to injury, once this person was brought on, they became my boss essentially. That was the day I had to make a decision. Would I allow my hurt and disappointment to keep me from celebrating them. This was pushing me to heart-check. I had to determine my motive for wanting the position. Had I allowed this pursuit and this desire to somehow consume my heart to the degree that it affected my joy? Had I given that much power away? That day, I made a difficult choice… Nevertheless, the right choice.

I decided that no person, no position, no title had the ability to define me or control my emotions. This is not to say that it was easy to find reasons to embrace the individual and the situation, while trusting God. I had to trust that God was ordering my steps and that even in this door closing, he had answered my prayers. People expected me to be upset, complain, be bitter or be insubordinate. But I made it my business to show kindness, respect and joy toward this individual. I believed that my blessing was tailor-made. I settled in my heart that God was not keeping something FROM me. He was keeping it FOR me.

It wasn’t long before my proverbial ship came in. I had celebrated someone else, even when I was hurting and God rewarded me. My decision to trust in faith unlocked my reward. What God did for me was so unexpected and simply miraculous. So many people celebrated me! But because I couldn’t take an ounce of credit, I simply gave all glory to God. Friends, celebrate even when your name isn’t called by men. Trust that Heaven is going to call your name in such a way that no one will be able to take credit… Not even you! God is going to put you on display like a precious jewel. You are next in line for a miracle!