How many times have you heard someone use the phrase ” Take care of yourself” or “Be good to yourself”? At least a million, if you’re like me. It’s normally followed with the suggestion of seeing a movie, going out to a restaurant, or indulging in a spa day. I love a good massage and spa mani pedi like anyone else, but why do these activities exhaustively translate to self care? A “mental health” day trip to the mall does wonders for lifting spirits. The adrenaline rush of finding the perfect hand bag or a couture piece at a discounted price can feel like Christmas. But how far do these things go in really promoting solid self care.

We invest money into things that only provide temporary relief. We make declarations about how we want to feel better, be better, and do better, without taking the necessary steps to realize our claims. Our real issues and real struggles are denied true expression and healing, rather only receiving band aides. The irony is we’ll pay for a fancy dinner, new hair, or a new purse without question. But the services and people that can actually help us grow spiritually, intellectually, in our careers, or just as better human beings, we don’t see the value in. Many would rather spend money at the spa than invest in themselves by buying books to expand their thinking.

Some people have amazing business ideas but won’t invest in certifications, programs, courses, and mentors. Their idea is just supposed to magically actualize and make them millions. Some want to be elevated to new heights in their spiritual journey but won’t pay for a teaching series, a workshop or conference that can be the catalyst to launching them higher. Does anyone else find this to be a strange phenomenon? The $200 dollars spent on a pair of shoes is an investment into someone else’s dream. There is no residual benefit for you past that initial moment of purchase. The same $200 used to get with a personal trainer, a life coach or even invested into an online class will actually benefit you in the long term. That’s an investment in you! The degree of growth and amount of harvest from true self investment is unlimited. If you’re waiting for people to validate, push and believe in your dream before you make a move, you’ll waste years on the sidelines. It’s time you start investing into yourself!

I believe that within each person lies the potential to be great!  We all foster the divine hand print of God inside of us. The difference between those who embrace and express greatness, versus those who don’t is simply the presence or absence of investment. You must violently take hold of your purpose and destiny by force. Love yourself enough to read a book. Be good to yourself and pay for coaching that will get your life and career unstuck. Take care of yourself by investing into your spiritual growth. It is insanity to engage in the same behaviors and thought patterns and expect different results. If your destiny is as incredible as you believe it to be, then invest into it. The ultimate power of an investment is that it may be inconvenient, sacrificial, and may be even seemingly insignificant BUT the return is always greater, exponential and worth the trouble. There’s always something of substance to show for what was put in. So I say to you dear friend; Be good to yourself! Take care of yourself!