In order to win in life, our ability to not equate task to purpose is critical. Your task may seem menial, uninteresting and even random. Don’t ever allow the assignment to hijack nor define your purpose. You may be tasked with watching sheep for a season David, but your purpose is to reign as king of Israel.

Here’s what you need to know about managing your task:

1. Recognize that your task is temporary

2. Your task may seem unrelated to your purpose, but it’s perfecting you for it

3. Maintain a heart posture of trust, gratitude and worship

4. Your task provides you the luxury to GROW in your anointing away from public exposure

4. You WILL leverage the skill set provided by your task to transition you into purpose


I encourage you to give 💯 today, no matter how insignificant and unrelated to your purpose your task might seem today. The truth is, it’s more relevant than you can see right now. Live fully in THIS moment. Bring the best of yourself to the task at hand, and watch how God honors you for how you managed obscurity. Be encouraged and share with a friend who needs to be reminded that THE TASK IS JUST TEMPORARY.