Do You Need A Mentor?

I am learning that there’s a growing sector of people, in our culture, who are self professed “Lone Rangers”. Fear and insecurity have masked themselves as pride and self sufficiency, coaxing us to wave flags of individuality. As much as I believe in and celebrate uniqueness, I’m watching people drown, meanwhile refusing to ask for help. Because we are a generation raised without Fathers, accustomed to being left behind, abandoned and unaffirmed, we have believed a lie. ” I don’t need anybody”! “I’ve made it this far by myself !” ” No one understands me anyway!”

The truth is that we were created to need each other. We are wired for community. Our hearts respond to love and our souls crave connection. But we must be willing to run to the light houses. We must fight the urge to live in seclusion and in caves. Come off of the island!!!! Give your soul permission to be loved and your heart the right to be molded. No matter how much you know or how great your achievements, you need someone who will keep it real with you. Inevitably you will plateaux and reach your perceived limits. You need someone who is not afraid to love you with truth, even when it hurts. You need a fresh set of eyes and ideas to get you unstuck and to enlarge your perspective of possibilities. There’s no growth beyond your degree of knowledge. Here’s the thing… You don’t know everything! OUCH!!! There are amazing people out there just looking for someone to pour their life into. There are those whose experiences will so resonate with yours.

You can find a mentor for almost any area of your life; spirituality, parenting, marriage, business, education etc… You can connect with mentors through various organizations and platforms. Your local church, community groups, interest groups, and work can all be starting points to identifying someone who is a bit further along than you are. Of course you want to ensure that whoever you approach is a person of honor and integrity. They don’t have to be perfect ( nobody is!), but just make sure they can be trusted with your heart, and your development. A good mentor isn’t looking to benefit from connecting with you, they genuinely want to help and support you. You don’t have to be Superman in front of a good mentor. He or she graciously encourages you to take the cape off and just be Clark Kent.

So, how do you know if you need a mentor?

*You are an island

*You believe that you are self sufficient

*You are embarrassed to admit to feeling “stuck”

*You would rather suffer in silence than ask for help

*Theres no apparent growth in your life and development

*Being Superman 24/7 has become exhausting

If any of these characteristics sound like you, please take heart. My aim in writing this blog post is not to beat you up. There are more people in this space of needing a mentor than you would think. Hopefully, this has gotten you thinking. Prayerfully, you are closer to opening your heart, and lifting your voice to say ” GET ME OFF THIS ISLAND! HELP!”