With the increasing globalization of Western culture, uniformed thinking is bridging racial, international and socio-economic barriers everyday. The term abra-ka-da-bra means the same thing to a child in a sleepy Irish town, as it does to a man in the ghettos of Soweto, and also to a skate boarding teen in American suburbia. In the vernacular, this term provides us with the understanding that once spoken something happens, something is created, and something appears or even disappears. There’s a childlike faith to just believe in the unthinkable and unimaginable. Unfortunately, the use of this term almost always produces manifestations, the source of which is not God.

So what happens when our God demonstrates His power and displays his might you ask….signs and wonders. I recently read a passage of scripture that has left me excited and expectant of what God is getting ready to do. Psalm 77 ( You have to read it in NLT!) outlines the writer’s woes and feelings of rejection. He wonders if God has slammed the door on his supplications as he longs for the “good old days”. But then suddenly he begins to recall the wonderful works of God, His power, His love and mercy to Israel. He remembers God leading them out of Egypt a journey the writer calls “the road of God”. Wait a minute. Could yours and my journey through our difficult seasons be the “road of God”? Verse 19 is where God really showed out. He brings the Israelites on a pathway through the mighty waters; a pathway which no one knew was there. (Shout here!!!!) This means that there wasn’t a way out and then the next minute there was. There was not an answer, and then there was. There was no logical solution to their problem, and then there was. Catch the drift!

Talk about something from nothing! That’s the power of our wonder working God, who delights in showing off his might on the behalf of His beloved ones. As we start this journey of consecration together, many are disheartened, weary, confused, frustrated, etc… I encourage you to take this challenge and align your heart and Spirit to God’s heart. I believe that God the father wants to see that child like glimmer in your eyes as He begins to create things out of nothing. I’m not going on this challenge to move God or make him do a single thing for me or in me. However, my heart is turned toward him in humility and I am willing to sacrifice comfort for character. I expect breakthrough and miracles to manifest as bi-products of this consecration and time of sacrifice.  Our God is a wonder working God.

For Further Study : Psalm 77 (NLT)